Umbrella Fundraisers

It’s true…April Showers do bring May flowers, but in the process we have to get wet!


A good umbrella,however, can take care of that! Umbrellas are one of the smartest custom promotional and fundraising ideas we offer. Who couldn’t use a new umbrella! At some point everyone is going to get caught in the rain and you can help them out while they can show off your logo! Every time that umbrella gets opened there is your logo or school name–and how grateful will everyone be to have that handy umbrella with them.

We love umbrellas as school, sports and booster club fundraisers as well as for community groups and charity events…and they are truly the perfect corporate gift and tradeshow giveaway. Umbrellas are a great promotional idea for Real Estate offices, banks, golf clubs, hotels,garden centers… golf tournaments, charity walks, company outings, corporate retreats, sightseeing trips…

There are umbrella styles for every budget and occasion…so many sizes from tiny automatic pop-up umbrellas that fit in a pocket or briefcase to oversized umbrellas that protect a crowd. Umbrellas to use on the field and at the game in striped school colors, umbrellas for the course of course, umbrellas with lights, umbrellas with wind protection, umbrellas for kids, umbrellas that can be fully customized for a BIG logo impact…. Here are a few of our favorites ..Buzz us for more custom umbrella ideas and be sure your logo makes it through the storm!

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