Get Started

There are literally thousands of products available to stock your School Spirit Shop. Here are some guidelines and ideas to help you decide which products will work best for your type of shop. Please be sure to call on one of our knowledgeable School Spirit Specialists – 866-677-3771 – to assist you with stocking your School Spirit Shop with the right products just for your store and get you ready for business.

When choosing the best products and the designs for your store consider the following:

•  The age of your customers – Are you specifically selling to students? If you have an Elementary School store, for example, you may want a portion of your merchandise to include fun and safe ideas in the $1.00 and under range so the students can bring pocket money and be able to purchase on their own.

•  Remember Parents and Staff – Parents and Staff will also be customers therefore you need to stock products and sizes that will appeal to them as well. License plate frames, car magnets and bumper stickers, desk items, magnets…

•  The Community – Do you sell at Public events that are attended by the community at large? – if so be sure to have products that will get them involved in school activities and spread school spirit. Tshirts and useful items such as magnets and desk items are always welcome.

•  School Activities – will you be selling at school activities, music programs, theatre productions, fairs and of course games? If so then be sure to have products on hand that not only have the school logo but also tie in with the activity – stadium cushions, poms, megaphones,…

•  Special Events – If selling at school special events always be sure to have some products that are commemorative of the event. These products can include the name and/or the date of the event such as the Prom or graduation or playground opening as a part of the logo design.

•  Mascots – If your school has a popular mascot and you really want to build school spirit then be sure to include the mascot in the majority of your product logos. Also consider products in the shape of your mascot.

•  Pricing – Price your items fairly so you will attract all customers and turn your inventory quickly. When selecting products be sure to have a range of price points and price in round numbers – $1.00, $3.00, $5.00…so that making change will be easy and you will attract quick sales .

•  Artwork – The products you select are important but equally important is the design/logo/saying…that you choose to put on those products. The designs are what will sell the product as well and what will make those products unique to your store. The right design can get everyone wanting to buy.

•  What’s Happening – Every school population, attitude and community is different and therefore the products in your specific shop should reflect what is going on in your school. What are the “Hot” trends? What are kids excited about? What are the “Big” events that are coming up. Tie in your products with those themes and always be sure to work in the school colors and mascot!

Best Sellers

We are often asked about what are the best sellers and this can vary from school to school and region to region. When you speak with one of our School Spirit Specialists we will ask you about your school and what is going on at the school. We always suggest that you stock your store with a core group of products from our different categories: School Spirit Wear, Spirit Items, School Spirit Novelties, Class of/Special Events if applicable and of course the Sports Shops if team sports are involved. Here are some quick ideas to keep in mind:

  • T shirt – 1 or 2 designs
  • Seat Cushions
  • License Plate Frames
  • Schedule magnet frames with the school’s sport schedules
  • Car Magnets
  • Awareness Bracelet, if the kids still are into those, or Spirit Necklace
  • Poms
  • Cheering Mitts
  • Drawstring backpacks
  • Pennants
  • Mascot Key Rings
Please call on us with any questions and we look forward to working with you to make your School Spirit Store successful.